Benefits of Queue Management Through SMS Notifications

Benefits of Queue Management Through SMS Notifications

Time is of essence for everyone these days and therefore queue management systems for hospitals and other industries are a very effective technique for customers. E-commerce has been gaining speed and therefore customers have become aware of the existing technology and always demand for better services and solutions. SMS based queue management system is one of the most effective way of ensuring customer satisfaction as it has various advantages linked to it.

Benefits of SMS based queue management over other systems:

* Allows the customers in any sector like hospitals and restaurants to book an appointment or table with just a click away.

* Bookings and reservations can be done virtually and the need for an in-person interaction for any changes is eliminated.

* It is cost effective as it eliminates the need of excess staff for making any bookings or cancellations.

* If there are no customers, there is no service cost.

* Any individual who has even a basic hand set can make use of this feature thus making the system economical for everyone.

* Updates to customers are easily sent as messages get delivered even if the signal strength at the recipient’s end is low. A call, on the other end would need good signal coverage to get through.

* It is independent of the circle. If roaming services are active on phone, one can send and receive messages.

* Conversion rate in case of SMS based queue system is higher. Both parties can notify of their availability and the allotted appointment slot can be moved to the waiting list.

* Since the availability check can be done easily, ROI in case of SMS queue management system is more.

* This system is extremely helpful in case of seasonal queuing. Customers are made aware of the available time slots well in advance and it helps them in managing their bookings.

* Customers have an advantage to book a timeslot of their preference.

* An effective way of storing historical data and booking information.

* It’s a cheaper way for customers as well as cost of an SMS is lesser as compared to call.

* Customers can send the updates using SMSes at any point of time (day or night).

A business setup which switches to SMS based queuing typically continues with it weighing in more advantages than disadvantages. It works in favor of not just the business and the customers but also for the employed staff as they are better able to manage the footfall and plan their availability.

Different Business Structures when Registering a Business in Singapore

Singapore is the main business hub when it comes to investing in South East Asia. Investors looking to getting into this massive market have the opportunity to do so effortlessly by establishing a base in Singapore. Registering a business in Singapore has been simplified to allow more investors choose it as their entry point in this part of the world. Choosing a business structure is important when it comes to registering a business in Singapore. As an investor, you will have to choose a structure that depicts how you wish to run your business upon establishment.

In this guide, we will look at the different business structures recognized under the registering a business in Singapore regulations.

Sole Proprietorship

Registering a business in Singapore as a sole proprietorship means that it is owned by one single entity. This entity can either be a person or a company. The owner usually has absolute say in matters of management in the business and does not share this right with any other party.


For investors looking to link up with other like-minded investors, they can look into registering a business in Singapore as a partnership. This business structure usually brings together a minimum of two partners to a maximum of twenty. Once a partnership has more than twenty partners, it must be registered as a company under the Companies Act in Singapore. In this business structure, rights and obligations are shared between all partners as stated in the partnership agreement.

Limited Liability Partnership

Investors in Singapore can also register their business as a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP). registering a business in Singapore as an LLP gives the investors the opportunity to enjoy some of the rights enjoyed by members of a limited company while running the business as a partnership. In this arrangement, perpetual succession and limited liability on business obligations becomes possible for partnerships.

Limited Partnership

A limited partnership is another business structure that investors can choose when registering a business in Singapore. In this arrangement, there are only two partners, one being a limited partner while the other is a general partner. The limited partner is only liable for company obligations up to the maximum amount of their share of contributed capital. They also do not take part in the management of the business. The general partner, on the other hand, has unlimited liability and manages the business.


Finally, investors can choose to register their business as a company under the Companies Act. This makes the business a legal entity capable of owning property and can sue or be sued on its own name. Registering a business in Singapore necessitates the inclusion of the word Ltd or Pte Ltd as part of their name.

The True Value of SAP Training For Enterprises

The moment an enterprise recognizes the value of SAP and intends to use it, they should know that SAP implementation is not as easy as 1-2-3. As a matter of fact SAP is a very complicated process that can take years to master and one has to undergo the right SAP training in order to successfully integrate SAP solutions in business.

Because SAP is the leading supplier of business software solutions, more and more enterprises are beginning to notice and realize the true value of SAP training programs. Initially, SAP was mainly designed for huge companies with tons of capital to boot, however, throughout the years that misconception has been put to rest and SAP began to address small and medium-scale enterprises’ needs for SAP programs that matches their business requirements.

As training is one of the most essential aspects of the execution of SAP programs, SAP training has become widespread. SAP solutions, consulting, and SAP courses have been introduced so people become aware of the SAP modules. Getting experts and helping them become certified in SAP programs is as important as getting your business to the entire SAP concept of doing business.

SAP experts in an enterprise will form part of the technical support group. They will then be responsible for the implementation, monitoring, management, and overall supervision of SAP in the business. If you are serious about your business implementing SAP solutions, you can check for reputable SAP training centers that can help train and certify your personnel so that they can become the SAP technology experts that will handle all of your SAP related concerns for your business.

SAP offers software for the entire business enterprise, many of their software solutions are essentially meant for business and management as a whole. SAP training facilities are offering courses such as business information warehouse, CRM, financial and controlling, business intelligence, sales and distribution to name a few that you can effectively apply in your business for seamless business processes and organization. Each of these solutions has their very own technological solutions that are addressed with the help of SAP programs. For instance, to be able to work with the customer relationship management the CRM has to be installed.

Granting your business has already a tech support group prior to the installation of the SAP software and all its necessary components, they must ensure that the operating system is working efficiently and the database server is all prepped. This is exactly where a SAP personnel who has undergone the right SAP training comes in handy.

SAP shows promise in bringing any business by leaps and bounds toward success and more profits if they know how to integrate it on their business organization. Learning the ropes is the first and foremost step towards achieving that business goal. The right SAP training and education will enable to maximize the fullest potential of the program and will bring your business to brand new heights and will surely open doors to new and exciting business opportunities.